We miss you!
With your very own stories. Your very special moments, your colours and your diversity have inspired us. Will you inspire us.But in this moment. In every single moment, we miss you.We've always been together. We have accepted every day, every challenge, we have mastered the depths together and we have lived through the heights.It's not just about soccer. It's much more than that. It's about passion. It's about emotions, it's about community and cohesion. It's about you. It's about me. It's about all of us who love this fucking sport.But we have to be strong, be strong today so that we can play football together again tomorrow.We'll see you again. I don't know when, but you will come back. With all your facets, peculiarities and your ability to carry us away, you will come back. And we'll wait for you. Until you come back.But until then, we must be careful, and until then: We miss you.
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